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Our system is a complete water sanitation package that will keep your pool crystal clear when followed appropriately. The chemicals employed in our line-up have been chosen by industry professionals to provide maximum cost-savings and ease of use. Please visit the products page for a complete list of the chemicals that we sell.

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Pool Frog New Water

We carry a full line of Pool Frog® and New Water® brand chlorinators and mineral systems for both inground and above ground pools. These systems provide a controlled release of chlorine into your water, minimizing chemical use. Pre-filled cycler pacs mean no more touching chlorine. The Pool Frog® cycler presents a mineral/chlorine system for those wanting to reduce chlorine use, but also accepts pure chlorine pacs.


Chemicals should be added in the following order: shock (if necessary), pH, alkalinity, chlorine. Maintaining your water is a snap if you follow this simple process:

  1. Shock your pool once every two weeks. Pick a set time each week and allow one full day for the chlorine to drop to a safe level before swimming. Keep in mind that liquid shock will increase pH.

  2. Test your water daily.

  3. Add pH increaser/decreaser as necessary to bring your water to the ideal range (7.2 to 7.4)*. Typically, pH will need to be increased in vinyl liner pools, and decreased in Gunite/cement pools.

  4. Add alkalinity as required to bring it into the ideal range.

  5. Adjust your cycler system if necessary to keep chlorine in the ideal range.

* If you have a heater, maintaining this range of pH is extremely important. Levels below 7.2 will speed up corrosion, significantly shortening the life of your heater and leaving you with a very expensive repair bill.

This order is important. Chlorine will not test correctly if the pH is too low or too high. pH increaser will also provide a small increase in alkalinity. Adding chemicals in this order thus minimizes the amount used.