Installation PricingAbove Grounds


Our company is fully equipped to install any above ground swimming pool. Please look over the things to do section on steps to take to prepare for an installation. Over the years we have developed methods to bring you the fastest, highest quality install possible.

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Round Pools:

Size Price Price
(pool purchased from
West Shore Pools)
15' and under $850 $750
18' $875 $775
20' and 21' $950 $850
24' $1000 $900
27' $1100 $1000
28' and 30' $1200 $1100
33' $1300 $1200

Oval Pools:

Size Price Price
(pool purchased from
West Shore Pools)
15'x26' and under $1500 $1300
15'x30' through 34' $1700 $1500
18'x33' through 36' $2200 $1900
18'x40' $2700 $2300


  • Lights - $30 ea.
  • Fountains - $25 ea.
  • Heaters - start at $300.
  • Fence - add 25% to installation price.
  • Fence and free standing deck - add 50% to installation.
  • Complete fence, deck, and walk around - add 100% to installation.

Installation Notes and Extra Charges:

  • Must have access for excavator and truck - 8' minimum. Extra charges for hand digs and carting of sand, priced at time of install.
  • Excavation based on 1 hour for round pools, 2 hours for oval pools. Extra time will be billed at $125/hr.
  • 8"x8" patio block under each upright where required.
  • Delivery of pool is $75 extra.
  • Sites located 20 to 40 miles from West Haven add $75 to installation price; farther than 40 miles call for pricing.
  • Sand base according to manufacturer's specifications, vermiculite base available.
  • Installation of liner with enough water to set (water provided by customer).

Things To Do and Expect:

  • Call to arrange for an install.
  • Obtain all necessary permits and zoning.
  • Arrange for pool delivery prior to installation date.
  • Provide electricity for power tools during installation.
  • Provide access to site.
  • Provide water and hoses to reach pool site. If having water delivered, you must call and pay for the delivery.
  • Do not water lawn just prior to install.
  • Remove stumps and obvious obstructions prior to install date.
  • Pay for installation and extras after the job is completed.
  • There may be delays or stoppage of work due to weather, ground conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Not responsible for lawn damage at access point. Normally there is little to no damage.
  • No excavated dirt hauled out or material hauled in; can be done at extra cost.
  • No trash removal.
  • No electrical work.
  • No filing of permits; can be done for $800 + town fees, or $500 + town fees for pools purchased from us.
  • No installation estimates. If one is required then travel time, site survey, and paperwork will be billed at $75/hr.
  • No guarantee or warranty of customer provided materials.
  • No guarantee of install date, usually due to weather and/or ground conditions.

Mud Disclaimer:

West Shore Pools has years of experience installing swimming pools and will not install pools on mud. You as a customer must rely on our experience to determine the appropriate course of action.

Installation on soft soil can lead to settlement and damage of your pool. Rain soaked or swampy earth may delay install days or weeks. One reliable indicator of a no-go installation is when the soil cannot support the weight of the excavator or deep footprints are created. Sometimes structural fill can be used, but will incur extra costs and/or delays.